The Sisters | Rare Lunch Date





My sisters & I rarely ever have a day out as one of us is always working but today the middle one finished early so we thought ‘let’s go into town and have a sisters day out‘. So we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch, it was between Zizzis, Prezzo & Wagamamas, (Prezzo was my choice), we rock, paper, scissored it and hey I won obv.
Anyways lunch was amazing as usual went for the Penne Pesto I think which had veggies init, the traditional Penne Arrabiata and the Vegetarian Pizza which is such a tasty pizza, but this time they were really stingy with the veggies. For lunch we hardly ever go all out and get starters etc especially at an Italian restaurant as the carbs from the pasta & pizza tends to fill us up really quickly.

After that we went to Cruise because the oldest sister is wanting to invest in either Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, I love the Jimmy Choos but you gotta love the red bottoms eh. Cruise did get the ones she wanted in for Valentines but they sold out on them quickly. Got some shopping done, didn’t do that much damage, I actually got a sleeveless jacket, I done a post on them as well I’ll upload that in a few days. Anyways I can’t wait to style the sleeveless jacket and hopefully get some pictures up for you guys.

So once I’ve uploaded this I’m going to have a quick workout, trying to get into a routine again and bring some of that motivation back, I’ve actually started to eat healthy again which has made such a difference in my body and just my mood in general. After the accident I stopped doing anything all together and now that I’m eating healthy and proper meals again my body is starting to feel more awake and feel as though I have more motivation in me now and want to get more done.

I’m trying to get back into the lifestyle that I had and talk a little bit about it with you. Hope you enjoyed it and had a lovely day.

sophie x