The ‘Lob’ Hairstyle



This is the hairstyle of the year! Let me just tell you why.. No one wants long dead hair anymore, it’s all about the ‘lob’ known as the long bob. Your hair will look amazingly healthy, so thick, so fresh, simply, a very flattering hairstyle. Then by the time it gets to the end of the year, it’ll grow out but still be trending.
I mean all the celebs are doing it, with the likes of Ciara, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian & the wonderful Nicole Kidman.
Even if you’re so used to having long hair and you’re not sure if you will like short hair, well why not gradually start to go shorter and shorter and shorter to your preference.
What to ask your hairdresser for?
You want to ask for a long bob, preferably just slightly going off the shoulder, you want it to have choppy layers just at the bottom of your hair, no more short layers, we still want the hair to hold at one level. This way your hair will look much thicker, more bouncy etc. Now with the fringe, your going to ask to get long side fringe blended into the hair and with the girls with the middle partition in the hair get it feathered from just above your chin down, this will give the hair more body, a more wave to it.


Lets talk about all the different ways we can style our long bob.
If you’ve just washed your hair, towel dry it, add some volumising mousse, half blow dry your hair but while your drying it, scrunch it up from the ends of your hair to the roots of your hair. This will give it that natural wavy, effortless look.This mousse you will love, so many great reviews on it and you only need a tiny amount.

Big waves! With this kind of hair the best thing is having a large barrel curling wand, all you do is curl your hair away from the face, very similar to Ciara’s hair, you’ll have volume and body to your hair.  If you don’t want to splurge on so many things then this curing tong will do you good, something cheap and cheerful, totally worth it!

With a few days old hair you can spray some texturising dry shampoo, this will bring life back to the hair, and help you style it more. I know this might seem expensive but this texurising spray by Oribe is amazing, it gives you volume, texture, your hair feels so good, no joke, it’s as if you’ve just washed your hair. Your doesn’t feel dry or greasy, an amazing product with amazing reviews.
sophie x