Lunch Date | Lush Haul | OOTD

Hey lovelies, so here’s me trying to get the hang of adding a bit of lifestyle with me, I’ve still not quite got the jist of doing it yet but I hopefully will eventually get there…one day.
So the other day me and my sister were in the house and there was no food so we thought let’s go into town and get a Wagamamas. We got a taxi into town, and the driver was like do you by any chance have the right change and we rummaged through our purses and we only had nots, but he said ‘oh we’ll sort that out once we get into town‘ then he goes ‘do you by any chance know how much you usually pay‘ and we were like ‘erm, no not really‘. Anwyays saying that he totally ripped us off, it came to like £9.60 and we just gave him the tenner though, but we were like it’s never that much, and saying that we realised he jumped on the motorway as well which got us into town in like 5 mins no joke. Really not happy with that.

Wagamamas was good, I really enjoyed it, I can have a Wagamamas once in a blue moon, for me if I choose to go there regularly, I will end up just getting sick of it. We both got the Firecracker, I got it with chicken and my sister got it with prawns. We also got the fresh juices which are just so yummy & healthy, I’m not sure which one my sister got but I remember mine being number 11, it was like cucumber, apple and lime I think.

A lot of people mailed me and were asking where my denim shirt was from, I actually got this a while a go from Primark, I was looking for a light wash denim shirt and literally no one had any nice ones, some places had too much hardware on it and I just wanted something simple. Then Primark had this it was £9 I think, I really like it its so soft.
My jeans are from Topshop its the Joni Jeans, they are high waisted, my shoes are from Office and my rings are from H&M and Forever 21 if anyone is wondering.

After our lunch we decided to go for a walk through town and ended up in Lush so I decided to stock up on some bath products.

My sister was running low on this face wash, it’s the Angels on bare skin, I think it has like ginger or garlic and other stuff on it, basically the lady recommended this a while ago as the was breaking out alot, and this literally cleared it up, so she ran out of it so we picked another.

This is called the Blackberry Bath Bomb, smells so fruity and slightly musky which I love so picked him up.

This is The Bright Side Bubble Bar, you can get around 4 baths out of this, you basically just take a bit off and crumble it under the running water and have a bath. This is fruity again, its very citrusy and fresh.

This is called The Comforter, same again as the previous one, this is also a bubble bar, you can get 4 baths out of it. This is has more of a sweet scent to it, it reminds me a bit like Vimto or Ribena.
This last one is my favourite it’s so fun to watch in the bath, it gives off such a lovely colour, and the smell reminds me of the love heart sweets. Its called Space Girl, this is a bath bomb you’ll get one use out of it unless you half it up.
That’s all we got from Lush after that we just left town and went to see a few friends and then came home, it was a very chilled day.
Thanks for reading!
Lots of love
sophie x

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