Little Mac Duo

I recently picked up two items from Mac, one being the lip pencil in the shade Chicory (which I have been wanting to pick up for a while) and the lipstick in Spirit (which I didn’t really need).
I thought I might as well treat myself as no one else will… joke. I get treated all the time and it’s so bad I think I’m used to it, that I’m expecting things all the time… ha no! I don’t expect things, I think it’s just a come and go kind of thing, I like doing the odd little treat for someone and then they end up doing the same back.

Anyways, here’s a little review for these two.
Mac Lipstick – Spirit
This is a satin finish, so its creamy on the lips, has a hint of matte init, I think anyways, will last on the lips for a good few hours. The colour is very similar to cherish however this is more of a brown nude. It goes with really dramatic smokey eyes, also you can keep it looking just natural with just this and some mascara.

Mac Lip Pencil – Chicory
Uhhh, I love this. So this is a brown with a hint of red init, very similar to Mac – Pander Me & Mac – Taupe lipstick shades. This lip pencil will go well with them also will be paired nicely with the lipstick in Spirit as it will make your lips appear plumper with the slightly dark outer line and the lighter centre.

The both are really good items to have on you, as you can never get wrong with having them.

Thanks for reading
Lots of love
sophie x