My February Favourites | Nars | Mac | ABH | Lush | Bobbi Brown

 Hello lovelies, I hope you’ve had an amazing day. in fact an amazing month we’re into March now, time is flying by too quickly. So today I’m going to talk about my favourites from this month, I know last month I hadn’t uploaded a post on my favourites mainly because I didn’t use any products as I was in hospital because I had a serious car accidents which left some lovely damage to my face, but my face is healed so this month I’ve been enjoying caking on some products.

Starting with this first product which makes me just smile inside a little speaking about it, it is the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (what a mouthfull), I feel like my skin looks so natural but has an amazing amount of coverage, I can’t even tell I have foundation on. I know this will last me a long time as one pump literally gives you the coverage you want, but e being me I have to use 2 pumps, I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a foundation that looks natural, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Actually that is all I’m saying, full review is on my blog somewhere, so check it out.

These past 2 months I haven’t been washing my face with exfoliators or anything as my arm is still a pain in the ass to move that much so I’ve been kind of lazy. However I seen this in my sisters room and I opened it and felt all giggly because I wanted to use it, it is the Ocean Salt face & body scrub from Lush. I decided to use my left hand and take my time using this, what I love about this is you don’t need to massage it into the skin with so much effort, it is so grainy that it exfoliates really nicely, and leaves your skin so smooth. This is so effective I would only use it like twice or even once a week, after a few uses your skintone starts to feel slightly more even.

I’m not sure if I’ve already talked about this lipstick but I’m going to anyways it is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick in Tawny Pink. Such a lovely everyday colour very similar to Mehr by Mac, but this is slightly more berry but it is still a nude to me. Will definitely go with any skintone, feels like a dream on the lips.

I am so in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills products just now, especially their liquid lipsticks, my favourite is Pure Hollywood. I actually don’t use this on the lips fully, as it is too much of a flat colour and is just too boring on its own for me, so what I do is I dab it slightly on the centre of my lips which makes my lips look bigger and gives off a nice amount of definition to the lips.

I was doing some online shopping and bought this Chromographic Pencil in NW25/NC30 and I remember a good few months ago I went to buy this but it was out of stock and I totally forgot about it afterwards till they came out with the whole conceal & correct range. Anyways I love this for last minute touch ups, like if your lips bleed from your lipstick you can just conceal over it with this, or even shape your brows, by defining them more.

I decided to pick up this Duo Correct & Conceal in NW25/NC30  just for the sake of it and I decided to love it. I actually just like carrying this about with me in case I just need to touch up or need to do my make up on the go. I already have the other concealer palettes if you have them then you won’t need them, this is just me being me again.

So I was in Forever 21 and I was just getting a few things and these rings were sitting on the wee stand on the counter and I just fell in love a little. These rings are just so cute, it’s those half way rings and there just really quirky which is so up my street. Had to buy it!

So I’ve been looking for a make up bag for a while now, I originally was going to get the Michael Kors one like this but thought no way am I going to spend a little fortune on a make up bag which is likely to get thrown around by me and get dirty from the make up. Anyways I saw this and thought I needed to get it, it’s from Forever 21, again I found it when I was about to pay for the things I got. I’m not even sure if it is a make up bag but it’s ideal for my handbag as I don’t carry a lot of make up with me, so its thin and simple. It was only £3.50!! Bargain or what?!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites of this month, thanks for reading!

Lots of love
sophie x