Movie & Zizzis

Hey guys, hope you’re all well! I think I’m on a role these days with all these posts going up, I’m glad I’m keeping on top of things, I’ve got so much free time on my hands what other way to spend it than blog.
The other day I was bored, so thought I’de go out with my sister and one of my friends for lunch. We decided on Zizzis because we were all in the mood for it and my friend was in the mood to try something new. It was delicious as usual, me and my friend both got a pasta and my sister went for the skinny pizza. We chilled for a bit had some banter as usual then we planned on going to the movies, now we were initially going to watch Focus however that showing was a lot later so we settled for The Boy Next Door.
Before we went to watch the movie I had to go into House Of Frasers and pick up a parcel. I had ordered a top from Miss Selfridge, which I tried on when I got home and that was the most horrible top ever, it just looked weird on, it felt uncomfortable on as well, this wasn’t a totally different top it looked like your basic white t-shirt, so I’m going to have to return it.
Anyways about the movie, which was a terrible movie, the storyline was good but the way it was, was just annoying. After we watched the movie we all were pretty annoyed at how rubbish it was.
That is all we really did, we had actually planned to go Ikea and to some other place but we decided to leave that till next week.



Lots of love
sophie x