Quick Outfit Post

At first I wasn’t going to do this post however loads have been asking about this outfit so I thought I would do a quick post for you.

A lot of girls have been asking me about these dresses with the long splits on the sides, where I got them, how to wear them etc. So I’m just going to do a quick post based on these outfits how you can dress them, I’ve pretty much just kept everything basic and let the dress do the talking but you can go all out.

 I was in Zara and I have a habit of feeling clothes as I walk past them (lol), anyway as I walked past the shirt I’m wearing below I just loved the feeling of it so I walked backed up to it and thought I had to have it. Firstly because it had long splits on the sides which go from just above the hip down and I think it just looks so flattering when you wear it. Secondly the material just felt too good.
With everything else I just kept it basic with leggings and black shoes from New Look. New Look don’t have these shoes in stock however they do have very similar ones.
You can dress this up in so many different ways, like leave the buttons open and wear a vest top with high waist jeans and ankle boots. Even dress it up more with more fancy heels or even a skinny belt.
This dress is really nice on, as the previous one it’s so flattering on, you’re basically covered up but still shows your figure in a not so obvious way, (if this makes any sense).
You can wear this with leather trousers, even joggers the more stylish type ones, it looks so good trust me.
I wore a long line cardigan with this from new look as well which also had splits on the side still showing the figure but you have another layer on. I wore a khaki one just to add some colour.
sophie x