Plans For A Healthy Week

I’m trying to get more organized these days not only with my meals and eating schedule but with keeping on time with things and waking up at an appropriate time and sleeping at a good time. I did do this last year and it helped me a lot, especially with myself I felt a lot better, I got things done etc. So overall this is a good thing to do once you do it for a couple of weeks then you start to get used to it.

Basically I had a look at so many different meals online because it is good to have a look at what other people have, it gives you some tips on what you can do, even switch it about to your liking. I have seen a lot of people just boil chicken and steam some veggies and have that and I just don’t know how they can do that, I need flavour in my food and I can’t eat the same thing all the time. I need options! Anyway I’ve packed this with loads of veggies, I don’t like greens much unless its spinach or green beans as they don’t have much flavour to them so I would probably just add them to near enough all my meals, as I will be having a lot of protein and I need the greens to break it down.
There’s loads of fruit in this meal plan whether its breakfast, a snack or even dessert, it’s a must to have it, you need your vitamins, minerals all that good stuff which is so beneficial to your body. Trust me you will feel a big difference!
Keep in mind I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m trying to add loads of protein to my meals and keep it balanced, the carbs etc for my energy. Also with the bread and wraps etc, everything is half and half I can’t stand just brown bread it fills me up and it is too dry for me.
Another thing is these meals are cooked in the healthiest way possible, I’m not frying my chicken off or buying the meals from the shops, everything is getting made from scratch and everything is fresh.
Another thing I wanted to mention, you can half each meal and have them twice if you want to have 6 small portions for the day, because I know a lot of people eat their 6 small meals due to gym etc, I was one of them but I don’t have the time to just keep eating, I am snacking so let’s just supplement that for the meals.
Why not join me in my meals? I will be uploading all meals on instagram and I probably will do a days meal plan every night on my blog. If anyone wants to know how I make the meals then I will probably just do a quick method on how I made each meals I’m not going to sit here every night and type the recipes for each meal through the day.
Good Luck!
(& good luck to me on sticking to it)
sophie x