Day 1 – Healthy Meal Plan

Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all well! Yesterday I started my healthy meal plan and it went pretty well, I didn’t feel peckish or snack on anything extra and kept on time with everything.









Starting with breakfast, I had spinach & scrambled eggs with orange juice and 2 glasses of water. For the scrambled egg all I did was very very lightly grease the frying pan with olive oil and poped in some onions sweated them out for a bit and put in some spinach waited them to shrink a little and added in my eggs. Seasoned it to my liking and had it with toast, was very tasty actually.

Then I snacked on some cinnamon apples, I actually love cinnamon sprinkled on this, it just brings out more flavour like with apples they just seemed more sweet and juicy.
For lunch it was a full on salad sandwich packed with spring onions, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and carrots. I also spread the bread with some mint sauce, its basically crushed up mint leaves, it just made the sandwich taste so much more refreshing.. oh and I had a bottle of water.

For my snack at tea time I was actually supposed to have yoghurt, but there was none in my fridge so I went for panjeeri. This is basically crushed nuts with gram flour and loads of other things like coconut, ginger, dried fruit. Its really healthy, my mum happened to make it so I had a few blocks and crushed it up.

Then for dinner I had steamed salmon with veggies and rice, which was delicious, I have a full recipe on how I make that somewhere on my blog.
Then for my night time snack/dessert I went for popcorn with dark chocolate. I normally don’t like dark chocolate but I seemed to like it with popcorn, I heard it’s healthy in some way so I had to have it on my popcorn. I was so nice, you should really try it out.

That is all I had yesterday so look out for today’s meals tomorrow.

sophie x