My Workout Routine | Fitness Goals | Summer Body

I’ve been working out intensely for the past two months I want to say, maybe less, but before the new year I had a good mellow routine for the gym until the accident. It’s taken me around 3 months to build my strength again, I’m still getting physio which has helped me so much and still is helping a lot. I wanted my body to go back to where I left since the accident, hence the reason why I’ve been working out so intensely. But now I’m back to that mellow routine and I thought I would share it with … Continue reading My Workout Routine | Fitness Goals | Summer Body

The Story Of My Meal Plan

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! I thought today is the day to talk about my meal plan. I uploaded a picture on Instagram about my meal plans for a week and I got amazing responses on it, on how a lot of you were going to try follow it. My meal plan wasn’t to do with trying to lose weight or anything, I normally do have a healthy diet however the days I’m feeling lazy, that’s the days I end up just munching the whole day on unhealthy foods. So I decided to do a meal plan … Continue reading The Story Of My Meal Plan