Day 2 – Healthy Meal Plan

Yesterday was day 2 and I’m already tired of making all my meals. I don’t mind the breakfast and lunch meals it’s just prepping the dinner, so many little bits and my mums cooking for the rest of family and then there’s me that needs my space to cook my own. I hate getting questioned what I’m doing whilst the making food, and then on top of that everyone wants to try a bit, which I guess I don’t mind.

For breakfast yesterday I had Weetabix with almond milk and a little of normal skimmed milk as this just adds that slight creaminess, plus I had a glass of apple juice and a bottle of water which I was just sipping on during the morning.

Then I made a smoothie, it was supposed to be 4 fruit but I just ended up adding 5, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and banana, for the liquid it was an apple and mango juice which went well with it.
I had half of it, sipping on it whilst doing my make up as my friend was going to come pick me up so I decided to half the other half later on. I ended up not making a sandwich for lunch because she wanted to go out for lunch, we decided to go Las Igunanas and I went for the chicken burrito which is grilled etc and you have your black beans, so it’s all good.

I got home later on in the day and started prepping my dinner whilst munching on nuts and sipping on the rest of my smoothie. I made chicken skewers and potatoes with a courgette salsa style salad, which I grilled the courgettes and added them in the end. First time making it and it was delicious, actually the whole family had some with their meals, so I’m proud of that.

Then for my late night snacking I had a chocolate mousse which I made in the morning with yoghurt and other stuff, packed it with berries and had a little crushed biscuits in the side to add a little crunch to it.






sophie x