The March Favourites

I’ve not been on the make-up sides of things lately, I’m just kind of focusing on the fitness and fashion side of things. I mean how many bronzers am I going to purchase and do reviews on. So if there is anything new out I will probably get them and do a review on them but only if it’s something different and not just another lipstick in the same colour.

I’m going to start it off with the most obvious one which is these ‘long line’ dresses with the slits on the sides. It’s not only dresses, its the tops as well, it’s not even a one side slit its on both sides and it just makes your figure look more flattering than it is. If you wear it right then anyone can pull it off, I’ll show you a few of my favourite ones that I’ve been wearing.

Lately.. Actually for a while now I’ve been into candles and I’m always getting the usual fruity ones but a few weeks ago I picked up the Yankee Candle in Midsummer Nights. The smell puts me to sleep, it has such a relaxing smell to it, reminds me a bit of guys, it’s very musky but still refreshing. LOVE!


The next is an oldie but a goodie, the Esteé Lauder Double-Wear Foundation. This is a full on coverage foundation which I used to wear A LOT last year but stopped wearing it because I had a lot of others I was trying out at the same time. But I got back in touch with it and absolutely love it. If you have exfoliated your skin and moisturised really well and just buff this foundation into your skin, like literally take your time buffing it in even if it looks like its buffed in, do a little more. It just sits on the skin so well, looking so natural yet with amazing coverage.

The next two are these new eye shadows I picked up from Nars a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realise how amazing their eye shadows were till I swatched them that day and bought them instantly. I picked up the shades Fathom & New York, Fathom being the matte baby pink with specks of glitter init, perfect for all over the lid, then there’s New York which is this deep plum cranberry shade perfect for a transition colour or even for the outer V. I actually wanted to pick up Sophia but there was none left in stock (wonder why…).

I got the Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter by The Balm a while ago.. And OMG this stuff is insane!! The most natural glow highlighter I’ve ever used, it has such a stunning seen to it which when hits the light doesn’t reflect glitter but reflects a beautiful glow to your skin. Perfect for everyday but you can go heavy handed and even use it at night.

Let’s just admire the gorgeous packaging first. I got 5 of these gorgeous lipstick which reminds me I still need to review them. Buuut out of all of them this has got to be my favourite one. Its called 1995 it’s similar to Mac – Pander Me & Mac  – Taupe.. So if you don’t want to splurge a little then go for this lipstick. Its a brown with a hint of red lipstick, very neutral on the lips though.

sophie x