Last Minute Shopping Trip | Haul | Zara | The Body Shop

Hey lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend & for the ones at college and school, I hope you are enjoying you’re spring break. I’m actually enjoying this lovely weather we got going on here, I was up really early this morning, had to do a few things and then received a text from The Body Shop. They came out with new range of Green Tea products and on top of that I got an e-mail from Zara that my parcel has arrived in-store, so I thought since I’m just outside the City Centre I might as well just go in and check out the new products and pick up my parcels.


I ordered this dress from Zara, I actually blogged about it, that’s one of many ways I would put it together and the slits on the sides is what I love most. I know the slits aren’t as long as the other dresses I have but with the flattering V neck and loose jersey material this is just a perfect dress. It was only £17.99 and for Zara I think that is reasonable, they have loads of more different colours.
I also ordered this small bottle of perfume from Zara called Blueberry. The smell is spot on for this time of year, it is so refreshing but it has that deep musky smell as well. I like how the smell doesn’t come off too strong, oh and for £5 this is a good price again.


Then I went to The Body Shop because I wanted to check out the new range and oh god anyone who likes refreshing, punchy sort of smells, slightly tangy but more clean and refreshing then you will love this. I wanted everything but me being practical I didn’t need everything, I decided to get the Lotion and the Cologne mainly because I want that lovely smell to last so moisturising with that and then spritzing the cologne will make the smell last longer on me. The Cologne was £19.50 & the Lotion was £8 but members got 30% off and then if you spend over £20 you end up getting a free gift.

My sister was on the look out for a new body mist just to keep in her handbag. She was looking for something appropriate for this weather but not something citrusy or fruity and this one is perfect for her smell. I actually like the smell of it as well, it reminds me of the smell of guys. It has a refreshing nutty smell to it, it has shea in it, but remember shea butter or any sort doesn’t smell like cocoa butter at all. This was £7.50 but then got the 30% taken off it.

I restocked on this amazing Seaweed Clay Mask. If you are ever breaking out alot ot your skin is feeling nippy then this mask will keep it soothed and help clear it.
Then I recieved these two guys free with everything I bought. I’ve tried the moisturiser and it’s good for those who like more of a water based hand cream rather than something thick and creamy.
The BB Cream looks pretty decent, it has a mousse texture to it. The BB Cream was Rrp at £11 and the hand cream was priced at £7.50.
sophie x