The Story Of My Meal Plan

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! I thought today is the day to talk about my meal plan. I uploaded a picture on Instagram about my meal plans for a week and I got amazing responses on it, on how a lot of you were going to try follow it. My meal plan wasn’t to do with trying to lose weight or anything, I normally do have a healthy diet however the days I’m feeling lazy, that’s the days I end up just munching the whole day on unhealthy foods. So I decided to do a meal plan and watch what I eat, more of a week of eating clean and at least I have something to follow so I know what to eat and what times to eat at. When you have something written down you tend to follow it more as to just having to keep in mind you need to eat at a so and so time and make sure it is a balanced meal.

I do workout so I wanted to make sure I have the right amount of carbs, fats & protein, remember I’m not bulking or body building so for you there might not be enough protein or too many carbs, but you can add and take out meals to suit you.
Let me just tell you on how it went.. I’ve always cooked for more than one person I don’t know how to cook for one, I accumulate so many groceries and then I have to use them, so my dad and my sister usually eat the meals with me. For the tacos and lamb chops I did cook for the whole family, it’s good to have someone eating healthy with you, it motivates you more and just the idea of always having a different meal to all your family members annoys me, (I don’t know why?).
The meal plan went so well, I was going to upload my meals everyday on Instagram but by the third day I was like, ‘no, this is too much of a stress having to take pictures of your meal’ so I thought I would just have a most up and talk about it.
By the end of the week I was getting annoyed because I felt as though I lived in the kitchen, cooking everyday making sure everything is fresh, but I kept to it which I was really proud of. My body inside feels really clean, I wake up feeling great and fresh, I don’t feel yucky or lazy. I think because everything is scheduled I feel more organised and I get shit done, more or less..
I have that meal plan on the fridge and since I do eat healthy on a daily basis anyways the days I don’t know what to eat, I just have a look at that and follow that. At least I know I’m eating clean etc.
So if you’ve been wanting to have a balanced diet and start eating clean then go ahead and follow the meal plan. Change it about yo your liking, if you’re wanting to lose weight or have a flat stomach then take out the carbs and swap it with sweet potato or other different veggies. Instead of having smoothing, start juicing, I like smoothies the have a bite to them, they have texture they are think, juicing is pure liquid which is also nice and refreshing.
sophie x