My Workout Routine | Fitness Goals | Summer Body

I’ve been working out intensely for the past two months I want to say, maybe less, but before the new year I had a good mellow routine for the gym until the accident. It’s taken me around 3 months to build my strength again, I’m still getting physio which has helped me so much and still is helping a lot. I wanted my body to go back to where I left since the accident, hence the reason why I’ve been working out so intensely. But now I’m back to that mellow routine and I thought I would share it with you.

I’ve learned a lot about the health and fitness side of things, I know a lot of people that are into this and I follow a lot of fitness people so I just switch things about till it suits me. My goal is to have a toned body, my arms, my stomach, my back and most of all my legs,I naturally have a toned flat stomach & I think it is because of my diet but the important thing for me is to have a toned lower back, bum & legs. This is just my opinion but when I see girls wear skinny jeans or maxi dresses or even myself, I find the lower part of your body more complimenting. I like shape, so it doesn’t mean you build it up with fat to get curves or muscles, it’s hard to explain and I don’t want it to sound uncomfortable for some, because I have such a petite body but having the lower part of your body toned gives you lift and a figure. I didn’t have much of a figure before, I felt as though I had a straight body, there was nothing to it, but now I have lift and shape and there’s indents to where I’m toned, I feel very comfortable in my body. As long as your comfortable in your body that is the most important thing.
Even though I don’t flaunt my body especially in summer I still want to have a half decent figure when I’m in dresses etc. Also the main reason why I’m wanting a ‘summer body’ is because Ramadan is coming up and hopefully I’ll be fasting and praying everyday so I won’t give myself much time to work out as much as it will take a lot out of me. So that’s why I’m wanting my ‘summer body’. Then once Ramadan is over with I don’t have to workout so intensely to catch up.
This is just a brief description on my daily workouts, I will do a more in depth post on my workouts and hopefully get some pictures up soon. The workouts I do mainly focus on the lower body however with doing squats or lunges that can benefit other parts than just the lower body, such as your back etc that is if you keep good form. Keeping in good form while you are working out is really important because otherwise you won’t get the full benefits you’re looking for if your body isn’t in the proper positions.
Let’s start with lunges, I have a love hate relationship with this workout, I love the outcome you get with it however at times I struggle so much. You have to have good form with this workout to get the full potentials out of it, have good balance, good structure, and then once you’ve mastered your form you can then start adding weights and challenge yourself.  Lunges work on your gluteus maximus (bum), quadriceps (thighs) & your hamstrings. Long lunges work on your glutes and short lunges work on your quadriceps. When I do this workout I do both long and short lunges as I want to be more toned around my bum yet with the the shorter lunges I want my thighs more defined.
Squats is my favourite, when the whole craze of the 30 day squat challenge came out I thought this has got to be ridiculous. Me being me looked more into it and I found that if you do it properly then you do see amazing results.  Squats are known as a full body workout as I have mentioned before, it works on your hips, glutes (bum), quadriceps (thighs) & hamstrings, also your upper and lower back and your abdominal muscles. It gives you great strength in your body, you gain a lot of balance. The key information is to have your legs wide apart at a good width, keep your body straight even when you are going down keep your back straight and then go low until your thighs are parallel to the ground, still making sure you keep in good form. By this I mean your knees cannot start to cave in, I’ve seen this happen so many times, remain the width between your legs the same at all times even when you are going down.
Leg raises I rarely ever do unless I’ve been having ab unhealthy day. Reason being this because it really just helps my food digest quicker (this is silly LOL), I eat unhealthy and then I feel guilty afterwards and with this workout I feel I get it out of my system quicker and that bloated or even yucky feeling disappears. The advantages are it will work on your abdominals and your quads. Always make sure your legs stay straight and youdo continuous reps otherwise if you take a break after each leg raise you won’t feel much of a burn around those muscle groups.
Leg press are my all time favourites, this is my go to exercise, I feel it is basically the ‘lazy’ squat exercise. It’s pretty much the same as squatting but you’re sitting down and also the strength is used different instead of us using more strength as we go down with squats we’re using more strength when pulling away with leg presses, but they do work on the same muscle groups.
Sit ups and crunches I rarely do, as I naturally have a flat stomach because of my diet. If you are wanting a toned stomach or even a 6 pack and sit ups and crunches aren’t getting you anywhere then that’s because of your diet. Fix up your diet, bring in the healthy fats and protein and get rid of the unhealthy fats and carbs. It’s best to be continuous with this workout rather than taking so many breaks as you will feel more of a burn around your abdominal muscles.
Another kind of leg raise which I love doing is when you are positioned on your hands and knees and you raise one leg up and hold the position and then bring it down and do the other leg. Again keep this going and you will feel a burn around your flutes especially when you hold the position in good form and not be lazy about it. This works on your glutes and hamstring.
I’m currently not working on my upper body much right now as my arm still hasn’t healed properly yet so I don’t want to hold weights or move it around in awkward positions as the muscles around it haven’t formed properly also I have a lot of nerve damage so I think it’s best if I don’t irritate it.
Before I end this post I want to clarify a few things and please correct me if I’m wrong. They say when you’re training or wanting to become more fit then it’s 40% training and 60% diet, I don’t fully agree with this. Of course when you are training it’s important to have a good diet, for example say you’re wanting to lose a lot of weight, yes training is good but first before you do start training get your diet set. Diet first, get into a routine of eating healthy and eat at certain times, once you have gotten used to eating healthy and it has become normal for you, you will see a difference in yourself. You probably have already started to lose weight. Then of course begin the training side of it this will tone your body up, when you start to lose weight you end up being left with a lot of flab or skin and you just need everything toned up. Then training becomes the key point, training very regularly to bring back some lift and shape to your body. For the ones that naturally have a healthy diet then exercising is a big thing for you. So no it’s not really 40% training and 60% diet, it’s all about being dedicated to what you’re trying to achieve. It takes time but the end result will definitely be worth it. And of course you get so many benefits from this lifestyle.
Sophie x