April Favourites | New Goodies | Oldies

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all well! This month I haven’t tried anything new, well I have bought new products but I’m not sure if they are my favourites yet. I might infact do a haul post as I have bought a good amount of make up. Anyways this month it was just items that were lying around in my drawers that I fell in love with again. I’m feeling as though today’s intro isn’t so interesting hmm.

I think I talk about this in nearly every post, it’s the Garnier Micellar Water, I bought this one because I thought it small and cute compared to the big fat one. The product is the same, it does an amazing job, I use this guy every single day, even when I don’t have make-up on I wipe my face every night with this. There’s no smell, no oily residue, no soap, no after feeling it is just amazing.

How beautiful is this highlighter! I may have mentioned this in an old post but it is the Mac Highlighter in Global Glow. I love all Mac Highlighters but this one for the summer is just perfect. The gold, champagne glow you get from this is perfect for the sunny days as it reflects off the skin so beautifully and gives you a stunning healthy looking, lightly bronzed glow.

This was my go to for last summer and again this year I can see it will be my go to cover up. It’s a Cc cream but it gives you an amazing about of coverage, but your skin still looks like skin. The consistency is a cream, there’s a different feeling to foundation and cream and this does feel like a normal moisturising cream but it covers up. And with the SPF30 you can’t get wrong with that, especially for my Asian skintone, as blemishes tend to go darker with the sun.


The days I’m having my no make up, make up look, I’ll be wearing this Chubby Stick by Revlon in the shade Rendezvous. It’s a sheer balm like feeling, with a slight shine and the colour is just perfect, especially to match with the Mac Global Glow. A peachy plum tint to the lips, I love!
Mascara was never a big thing for me,I thought they all do the same job, but now I can’t seem to find a descent Mascara until this one came along. With Mascaras I like them but after a month the brushes always happen to shape into something else or it doesn’t do such an amazing job. I don’t do anything funky with my mascaras. Anyways this wand is amazing, I’ve had it for a while and it hasn’t done my wrong yet.
To contour my face I use a different brush to when I bronze my face. People seem to get mixed up between bronzing and contouring sometimes, I might actually do a contour and highlight post.
Anyways to contour I usually use a fluffy Sigma brush, it’s a very domed fluffy eye brush, but I can’t seem to find it. So I got this morphe brush which does as good as a job as the Sigma Brush and it’s something like £6. Anyways this doesn’t let the product travel all over the face, it does blend the contour in well, it keeps the contour prisicely where you want it. Therefor you don’t end up contouring half your cheek and it ends up looking all muddy. love this inexpensive amazing brush.
sophie x