Urban Decay Afterglow Blusher | Review | Swatches | Fetish | Video

I was deciding between a haul and a review and I thought the haul would be quite boring as majority of the things I bought were repeats or refills for my palettes, so I thought I would just stick to one product and do a review on it. I don’t buy blushers that often, in fact I don’t buy blushers at all because I have only ever liked one which is from the Rihanna Collection by Mac, which is a peach toned blusher. 



Anyways Urban Decay came out with a whole range of blushers and I fell in love with the packaging and instantly thought I had to have it. Out of the whole collection the only one colour that stood out for me was Video because it’s so very similar to the Rihanna one. The rest of the colours were too bold or they had shimmer in them and I like to stay away from hot pinks and purples and even shimmer on my cheeks. My sister picked up Fetish so I thought I’de do a review on the Urban Decay Afterglow Blushers and show you some swatches from the 2 (in my opinion) decent blushes from the whole collection.

There’s Fetish which is a mauve, pink blush with hues of peach init, it has to glitter, shimmer or any sheen in it, but it gives you such a stunning healthy glow. Perfect blush for this time of the year, gives you that rosey flushed look. My sister always goes for these types of blushers which suits her skintone. If I were to use this then I would only use it on the apples of my cheek, I wouldn’t travel it to the edge of my cheeks, just because I prefer very warm colours.

My love is the shade Video, as I mentioned with the previous one how it gives a healthy glow well with this one you get your warm glow which I’m all for. This is very peachy, not orange, just warm peachy and it goes well with a gold highlighter to bring out more of a glow. This one again is all matte, no shimmer, glitter or sheen.

These blushers are worth buying, the texture of them melts into the skin so beautifully which doesn’t show any cakeyness, or streaks what so ever. The product melts just so well, its amazing. Even if you have it on all day the pigmentation just seems to last forever. Love this product!

sophie x