First Aid Beauty | FAB | Radiant Glowing Skin

Hey lovelies I hope you are all well! I’m going to talk about a product today that I feel like it has changed my skin in so many ways. I’ve become so comfortable in my own bare skin and it’s got a lot to do with this product.
It’s by First Aid Beauty, its the Facial Radiance Pads, there are 60 pads, £20.50 worth every penny. It will work with any skin type, oily, dry, combination or even sensitive also it claims to reduce the visibility of pores and improve the clarity of your skin also brighten up your skin and smooths out the texture.
It contains a lot of different acids and products that you can find other skincare products. So there’s lactic acid, glycolic acid, water from fruit, aloe and many many more. It’s basically packed with loads of stuff that benefit the skin.

Here’s my review, so the texture of my skin has become so smooth this is due to the glycolic and lactic acid which very mildly takes the surface of your skin off, like an exfoliator but more gentle. It also contains cucumber and Indian gooseberry extract which tones the skin and my skin has been feeling a lot less oily especially because its summer as well. Lastly my skin has been glowing, I feel like a light bulb at times, I’ve just got this constant glow to my skin, I love it, it looks so healthy and this is due to the lemon peel and licorice root it contains, which is supposed to help even out your skin to bring out a stunning glow.

I love how all these benefits come in just one product. I’v been using it once a day usually at night time because I like it to just set into my skin and work over night. The only thing is it has a kind of not sticky but you know something is on your face feeling, but it doesn’t bother me much as I’m sleeping through it anyways.

I know you can get similar ones to this but this is so inexpensive and just amazing on the skin, it’s a must in your skincare regime.

sophie x