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 Hey lovelies I hope you’re all well! I feel like all I seem to do these days are favourite posts. In fact I actually got a load of new products, so I’m thinking of doing some reviews this coming week.  This months favourites are more or less new products that I’ve accumulated over the past month or two and have been totally obsessed with them. I only ever buy things that I know I am going to like otherwise I wouldn’t waste my money on it.


Contouring is a sensitive topic for me. Everyone has there own way of doing it and a lot of people get criticised for it, like the other day I seen this girls contour and it was horrendous, it made her look like her sideburns were going on forever, the colour was so strong don’t get me wrong was a beauty. I may do a topic on contouring and highlighting.. we shall see. Anyway  bronze my face with a really warm bronzer but not a dark one and then I contour ever so slightly with this Mac Sculpt Powder in Definitive. The shade to this is so perfect, it has a really grey tone to it but is still brown, no red tones etc, which makes it so perfect to make your contours look like shadows rather than just a muddy face. Love this!

I also set my entire under eye with this highlight powder in Emphasize, it’s a matte powder with very tiny reflective bits init which brightens your face, there’s no sheen or glitter what so ever. Bare in mind I don’t go crazy with this and make my under eye look white, I just set the prep and prime highlighter that I use, which goes well with it.

Next product shouldn’t be a surprise it’s the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads, I done a review on this and explained how amazing this product is. No joke my skin just looks amazing right now, there’s a little glow there which makes me so happy because I used to feel as though my skin was so dull and dead. I use one pad every night before I go to sleep, buff the pad into your skin, let the product get into your skin and just leave it over night. The more I wake up every morning the less make up I slap on to go to work.


This is the Fuji Green Tea Cologne by The Body Shop a fairly new product from the new range. What I like about this is the smell is really different, it’s a very airy spa like smell. So fresh but so relaxing, a little spritz of this once I get out the shower and I feel so fresh.
This is a really new product from The Body Shop, its the Body Scrub from the Virgin Mojito range. Smells just gorgeous,I actually have a load of other items from this range, but this has got to be my favourite. The smell is gorgeous, it has a citrus smell but the mint just mellows that empowering citrus scent and simply just makes it smell so fresh and zesty. The fact that you still smell good through the day makes me love it even more.


The white brush looks a lot smaller in pictures but it’s a lot fluffier and big. These Morphe Brushes are ridiculously amazing. The white one M509 I use to set my under eye with Emphasize by Mac. The black one M504 I use to blend anything, contouring, highlight, eyeshadow. It buffs any powders without making it look so patchy or so obvious that you have different shades of pigments on.


I also done a review on this blusher its the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Video
. Perfect colour for me, as you can tell it imprints very easily. Just shows how much of a creamy powder it is which makes the products just melts into the skin and look so effortless. Love these blushers, which they cam out with more warm colours.


Another new product alert! The new L’Oreal Infallible Lip Glosses, I didn’t actually have a look at the whole range, I know there’s a neon collection a shimmer one and the creams. This one is from the cream collection, the pigmentation is amazing and I only use a little amount just on the centre of my lips which I just pat down. It looks good on though.


Lastly I wanted to talk a little about these sunglasses I got. Now I don’t ever splurge on sunglasses because I am so clumsy with them.I had one expensive pair and they just got so scratched and messed up. I don’t have the time to put them back into their pouch ad then place it in my bag, I just fling it in my bag. These were a tenner from ASOS, reminds me of the Michael Kors ones a little. They look good on, aren’t big and the shape is really nice for any kind of face I think. I like how the bridge is plastic and not those spongey things, I feel they leave indents on your make up.

Mac Sculpt – Definitive 
Mac Shaping Powder – Emphasize 
First Aid Beauty – Radiance Pads
The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea Cologne
The Body Shop – Virgin Mojito Body Scrub
Morphe Burhses – M509
Morphe Brushes – M504
Urban Decay AfterGlow – Video
L’Oreal Lipgloss – Protest Queen
ASOS – Sunglasses 

sophie x