Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re all well! So today I thought I would do a little product review on the new Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadows. I bought these over the weekend and thought I have to do a review on these, just because they are quite pricey so it’s good to know if it’s worth buying or not.





I bought the two colours in Amorous Alloy & Sweet Heat – both absolutely stunning colours! The reason why I went for these two shades is because I know I will wear them, the blues etc are also stunning but I know I will rarely ever reach our for them. So thought I’d be a bit wise with my money and buy ones that I will actually use.
Amorous Alloy is a copper toned shadow, it’s a very rustic colour but I would still put that under the nudes category. A stunning colour for this time of year, the different tones that come out with the flat colour is gorgeous. A big fave!
Sweet Heat is the more champagne toned, slightly rosey but your of a subtle creamy gold. Perfect colour again for this time of year with a winged liner.
What I love about these eyeshadows is the intensity that comes off them. I wouldn’t say it’s like the foily eyeshadows it’s more of a velvety sheen colour pay off. They are gorgeous,  even though they are quite pricey, if you want to go for them, then go for shades that you know you will use.
sophie x

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