Kiko Cosmetics – Bronzer Warm Melange | Product Review

Hey lovelies I hope you’re all well! My sister went Paris not long ago and got a few things from Kiko which I have been using quite a lot and love. So thought I was in need of a good old shopping splurge with Kiko Milano Cosmetics. This bronzer was one of the lovely products I picked up.




Now this bronzer is in the shade Warm Melange, I was in fact in need of a new bronzer, one that is 2-3 shades warmer than my skintone. I like warming my face up even if I’m contouring or going for a no make up look then I will always warm my face up. It brings back colour to your face and makes your skin look a lot healthier. I was using the Mac Mineralise Skin finish in Medium Deep for a long time but thought I would opt for this.

This has got to be a lovely bronzer, the quality, the packaging, the way it blends, the colour impact it has. A stunning product! The only downside is that a lot of powder comes off it, however it still melts into the skin really well.

A lovely product to have and very inexpensive, so it is worth it.

sophie x

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