Anastasia Beverly Hills – Artist Palette | Review

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all well! So today I thought I’de do a quick review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist palette. I’m going to compare this more to her other palettes. At least you know if there is a difference between the palettes & if it’s worth purchasing.



So it’s no secret this is a stunning palette, it has shades which we normally don’t go for like your electric purples and your bright yellows but I think this is what makes it a really good palette.

The pigmentation to these eye shadows are amazing, they blend incredibly well and show a good impact of colour.

This is the type of palette that holds colours that we don’t normally go for and what is good about this is when you are in need of a yellow eye shadow you won’t have to go out and buy a separate eye shadow, it’s in a palette with other electric colours. Most palettes hold colours that we know we will always reach out for and this is what makes this palette different compared to the others that Anastasia has launched by Amrezy and the Tamanna palette. If you ever want to go for a bit of colour, then this easy to travel with amazing quality palette is what I would reach for.

So this is a great palette to have, highly recommend it!

sophie x


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