My Love For Kiko Milano Cosmetics

Hey lovelies, I hope you’re all well!  So I’m all for saving money on make up, there’s no need to spend so much money on products when you can go out and find a cheaper alternative and the quality may even be better. Big names know their products will sell, because we all like that amazing looking luxury item in our make up bags – even if the quality is rubbish.
So for a while now I’ve been indulging into Kiko Cosmetics, it all started off when my sister went on a trip to Paris a few years ago and brought back a few things for me. Instantly I fell in love with their Water Eyeshadows, especially because they reminded me so much like the Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadows.
Then around mid December a Kiko Milano Cosmetics store opened quite close to me. This was exciting because I’ve always bought one or two things online, never have I had the chance to go to an actual store. I was so excited to go to the store, my first visit lasted an hour, possibly longer. Since then I’ve been there several times now and have left with quite a few items.
Two things I have to rave about, have got to be their eyeshadows and lipliners. Every eyeshadow I’ve had from there no matter which range it is, has been amazing. The quality has got to be one of the best I’ve come across for eyeshadows. Other companies eyeshadows colour can fade after a while or lose its intensity, also there’s some eyeshadows that look so good in the pot but once you apply them they show hardly any colour.
With Kiko they blend so well, the colour shows exactly what you see in the pot. They have a huge variety of eyeshadows, so many different ranges and every colour you can think of. The best thing is, they are so inexpensive, and I’ve always found when you go instore they always seem to have good deals on. Just recently I was there and they had an offer on some of their eyeshadows which were around £2 each, after swatching them I picked up a few.
Their lip liners, I love! I’m a die hard Mac Lip Liner fan. I’ve tried every brand Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Make Up Forver, Nars, but Mac has got to have been my only favourite company for lip liners. Kiko lip liners always seem to be sold out but recently I got the chance to swatch them as they had them in stock and wow I fell in love especially after looking back at my receipt and noticing how they were priced at £1.80 each.

If you’ve yet not tried out Kiko then you must! The packaging may not be the prettiest but the quality and the price for there stuff wins me over every time.

Here are a few of their eyeshadows, some darks and some lights just to show you the intensity. Also a swatch of two of their lip liners. I would have noted the shades for all the items, but I don’t have their packaging anymore, I decided to insert all the eyeshadows into a palette. 


sophie x

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