Marc Jacobs Make Up In The UK!!!!

When it comes to luxury brands there’s no doubt about it that everyone wants at least one item from their range. So when Marc Jacobs beauty launched their Make Up range in 2013, I had to get something from them, however they were only sold in the U.S. But just recently they were launched in the UK…

Marc Jacobs Beauty, make up range is currently only being sold at Harrods online and instore. Now I’ve been waiting for so long to get a hold of something from their range but now that I have the chance to get something, nothing seems to appeal to me anymore. Even the colour range for their lipsticks isn’t something I’m keen on. Because they are so buttery and creamy, normally I would opt out for a nude but they don’t have a really good nude shade.
You have your blushers and bronzers, which look so appealing to me, but the packaging is just too big for the product. Although it looks pretty, having a product that the packaging is twice the size of the amount of product you get is such a big inconvenience – trust me, I never seem to reach out for these kind of items.
I’ve heard great things about the foundation etc and I have swatched the gel like one, I do like the consistency of it but I don’t need it. The price range is also pretty standard for a designer brand.I’m happy with the products I’m using if Marc Jacobs do come out with something different from all the other brands and it looks good then, I may consider. But for now… I can do without it!

sophie x

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