Lunch At Battlefield Rest With The Girls

My love for Italian cuisine will never pass! I must say I probably have tried near enough every Italian Restaurant in Glasgow by now, even when I went to Marrakech a few months ago, I was in Montecristo, La Strass, Palais Jad Mahal, all had exquisite Italian Cuisine.
After going out for brunch not long ago with the girls made me just appreciate Italian food to a whole new level.

This restaurant was very different from your average Italian Restaurant that I have been to in Glasgow. It had more of that authentic Italian taste. This restaurant is situated in the middle of Battlefield Road and Prospecthill Road, and the location is pretty much in the middle of the road – apparently is used to be a Public Toilet.
This place had a very busy surrounding and I don’t mean by the people I mean by the furniture and walls filled with pictures, also the ceiling was painted, which made it appear even more stunning.

The food was amazing! My favourite had to be the starters, which was Bruschetta, it had ribboned courgettes, peppers & cherry tomatoes, the bread was covered in garlic butter, but not soggy like most restaurants. Also it had a good bit of balsamic vinegar and pesto for that tangy taste.

For mains I chose the Calzone but asked for it to be without the meat as it wasn’t halal. However I was not disappointed, it had loads of filling in it, and the bread didn’t go soggy, which I was wary about. It had a nice kick of garlic and chilli which I love.

The girls both split between a pizza and pasta, they seemed to have enjoyed it a lot. As you can tell we go for our tomato based food rather than your creamy cheesy ones.

After my friend spoke to one of the chefs, we came to know that the owners have had the place for 20 years and they are always fully booked on the weekends. I’m not even surprised, even though in the afternoon it seemed quiet it did actually start to get more busier towards the evening.
If you are ever through to Glasgow then you should definitely give this place a try.

Also what a lovely day I had spending with the girls, we went out after our brunch, then we just headed back to one of the girls houses and just chilled there – ate cake.

sophie x

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