Afternoon Tea & Shopping | 200 SVS

I’ve been loving my spontaneous little afternoons with my dear friend Shereen. Just recently we decided to go on a lunch date – again and we thought lets go for afternoon tea. I kept getting emails from Wowcher about offers and there was one email that had different places to go in Glasgow for afternoon tea such as Radisson, The Carlton George, Patisserie Valerie and then there was 200 SVS (Saint Vincent Street).

Compared to a lot of places in Glasgow this venue has got to be the most sharp & classy place I’ve been to. The colour scheme is very neutral with marble walls and everything just seems to perfectly placed and symmetrical.
This building is a place you can have events such as parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, they have a spa and then the restaurant is on the 6th floor.
The voucher I got was £19 for two people, here’s the afternoon tea menu –
Selection of sandwiches:
Smoked salmon and crème fraiche, honey roast ham and arran mustard, and cucumber with wasabi cream cheese
Mini flavoured scones served with jam, clotted cream and butter
Selection of mini desserts:
Chocolate éclairs, franch macaroons, strawberry tarts, meringues and lemon possets
We couldn’t have the ham sandwich so we just swapped it for a tuna and cucumber one instead.
Also we both had a glass of water each and a hot chocolate each. I’ve got to say that hot chocolate we had was by far the best one we both have tried – it was very creamy but the chocolate taste was a really deep cocoa taste.

The atmosphere, the staff even the idea of the restaurant being on the 6th floor with a lovely view was perfect. Even the toilets had hair dryers and straighteners for you to get a quick touch up. Not one thing I could fault about this place.

After our lovely afternoon tea we decided to enjoy a little shopping spree. I didn’t manage to get anything has whenever we both wanted something either it would be out of stock or there would only be one left, which in fact was a lipliner called Rust by Lipstick Queen, I decided to be a good friend and let Shereen have it – a lovely deep Terracotta brown lip liner.

A long day it was we then met up with my sister and took a walk over the King George V Bridge to the car and spent our evening at Shereens house. What a lovely view we came across while walking over the bridge though.
sophie x

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