Glossybox – Review | Three Month Trial

A few months ago I was given a 3 month trial run for Glossybox – which is a monthly subscription of beauty products. I was quite excited about this as I’ve heard so many people rave about this company and how they always love what they get each month. So I initially wasn’t going to do any reviews on Glossybox because I was so unhappy with the stuff but I thought, ‘why not, I might as well share my thoughts on things that are not worth it.

Everything I’ve received each month I haven’t actually used yet. I feel as though some of the things they give you are so ridiculous. There was a neon lipgloss in my first one along with this highlighter pencil which didn’t blend nicely when applied and then my box had a bronzer which didn’t have any colour pay off at all, also there was a nail polish & the colour wasn’t that pretty.
My idea of this whole Glossybox thing is not really worth that £12.50* a moth including PP. I mean for example some of the things you get I know for a fact you’l try it once and not try out again. I know its all about getting people to try a variety of different brands but really try and at least get some decent brands in there, where the products are good – even if it’s a sample size.
I personally don’t think I would make a payment to subscribe to these just because that money can go towards a product that you know you will actually use and not just keep lying around at the back of your drawer.
Here is the last box that I received which was inspired around the Valentines Day theme.
There’s a shaver, hair mask, tweezer, lipgloss & eye pencil.
  • I will definitely use the tweezer & the shaver.
  • Probably try the eye pencil out a few times.
  • The hair mask & lipgloss, I’m not sure of as the gloss is basically clear, which is actaully supposed to be a pink gloss. The hair mask I know will not work as I’ve tried this brand a while ago.


sophie x

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