Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crème Swatches

Hello! I hope you’re all doing very well. I thought I’de have a productive day today and get some blog posts on the way. Genuinely don’t know where all my time goes, it just slips away… But I have been doing some intense overtime at work ah!


Today, I’m going to give my thoughts on the New Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crème. Right now for UK buyers you can only pick these up from Harrods online and instore for £24 each.
My honest opinion, I do love them! They are hydrating, light and very comfortable to wear, so they don’t crack on the lips because although it is like a liquid lipstick the finish is not matte, it has more of a satin finish on the lips. Six nude shades have been launched and any skin tone would be find a match.

The first one I picked up is in the colour Hot Cocoa! This colour reminds me so much of the Mac Limited Edition Lipstick in Pander Me. They are all nudes, but this one is more brown with a slight orange undertone. Perfect colour to wear everyday!

Also picked up the shade Slow Burn, which I love! This colour is more on the pink side, it is a dusty nude rose shade. Another one which is perfect for everyday use.

One thing I noticed is the size. This is a full sized bottle which is 3.5ml and it’s £24, normally liquid lipsticks are 6-7ml. So it is quite expensive, when you think about it.
However, despite all that, the product itself is really good, the coverage with one swipe is full on and I quite like the fact that it is made with a Brazilian butter which gives this lip crème its hydrating comfortable texture.


Sincerely Sophs x

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