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Hello lovelies, I hope you’re all well! Today I am going to do a post about how I workout. I am not a trained professional, I just wing it and focus on areas that I feel I need to make changes to. I have seen a difference, it’s just a matter of me sticking to it, so I thought i would take you on my journey.

I recently purchased the Active Women Pre-Workout in Summer Fruits for me to try before I go to the gym. I normally don’t take anything but I thought I’de starting taking this stuff seriously! It is basically used to enhance your performance when working out at the gym, it is filled with caffeine taking from Green Tea Extract and Guarana to give you that extra boost. Also there are other good stuff like Vitamin C and Coconut Water Powder to give you some extra goodness. I’ve been told to take this 30 mins before my workout, I’ve not tried it yet but I am going to do a weekly update on my gym life, so I will mention if it is a good shout!

The next thing I purchased was the Impact Whey Protein in Chocolate Smooth, again I have never tried this one before but it is normally taken 30-60mins post workout for the muscle growth and repair. Good to take after a good gym session to quickly repair and grow your muscles and making sure you take enough protein. I have also got the Slender Protein Powder which I have to force myself to take – I’m just not a fan of the taste.

Gym Workout PDF

Also I am going to share my workout plan. This is just a rough schedule of what I am going to go by day to day at the gym, I do add weights with nearly all my workouts. I feel like when I started going to the gym a few years ago I was so scared to add weights and I never really saw that much of a difference. Then when I did start using weights, oh my!! That was the best decisions I ever made in my life. That tone though, the definitions in my arms and legs was amazing until I got lazy again and stopped.
As you can tell  I do focus on my leg area a tad more, I don’t have a shape, my body shape is very straight so I work on my glutes (buttcheeks) a little more just to give me more ass and bring some shape back in to my body.
From each workout I do one set with however many reps there are and then go on to the next workout once I have completed one set for every workout I start again. For example, I would do squats, 3 sets 8 reps, lunges 3 sets 8 reps. I do 8 squats, 8 lunges take a break. Then I do 8 squats, 8 lunges take a break then do the other one. Obviously there will be more workouts but remember to always add a weight, don’t make it too easy for yourself. The more you keep at it and stick to it the more you will see a difference.
I am all for criticism, I’m always learning, atm this is what is working for me if i find something isn’t working for me I will keep you updated.
Can I also just mention how good do shoulders look on girls when they have been proper at it at the gym. I never used to train any other part of my body apart from my legs and abs but after seeing the girls at the gym with these amazing shoulders just motivated me more to step out a bit and try different workouts.
Also enjoy what you’re doing!! It will motivate you more and feel confident at the gym, if you’re not sure on anything there is normally someone at the gym you can get extra advice or help on things you aren’t sure about.
I do really want to love cardio but I honestly despise it so much! I stay away from the treadmill, cross trainer, the bikes, I do not like them!!! But I am going to try and involve them into my workout when it gets to around the Spring time.

I hope you enjoyed my chat about my workout life! Try this with me, even try it at home if you have some free weights!

Sincerely Sophs x

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