Day 6 – 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Today I am on day 6 of my skincare challenge and I thought I would talk about moisturisers. I remember I hated applying a moisturiser to my face and my mum would always give me a blob of Olay on my hand and tell me to put it on my face. As I got older I stopped using moisturisers altogether because I felt as though it was pointless, I couldn’t notice anything different to my skin, so I stopped. Then my skin started to change all of a sudden, although I am a very oily person, my hair gets greasy easily, my face gets so oily, I still lacked moisture. My skin felt dry, even if it was shiny af, it was still dry and needed a moisturiser.

That is when I started to fall in love with Gel based moisturiers as creamy ones contained a lot of oils and Gel ones were very watery so they soaked into the skin a lot quicker. I first had the Clinique Moisture Surge, which I fell in love with instantly because it felt amazing to apply but then after using it, it didn’t give me moisture it just felt cooling on the skin. Then The Body Shop was my go to place to get Gel based moisturisers, they had the Vitamin C one which is amazing, I went through so many of them because I used to wear that moisturiser all the time even after cleansing my face at night I would apply some of that. Then there was the Youth Gel Moisturiser which again is an amazing one, this one was slightly more watery, and my skin texture got better over time. Just now I am going through the Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel Cream which I bought last month and it is already about to finish. This moisturiser again feels amazing on the skin but it doesn’t give you any moisture, it just plums the skin up.

Keep your skin moisturised! Trust me right now you may be thinking I don’t need it but over time you will be thankful. The skin on your face probably goes through a lot more hassle compared to the rest of your body so look after it. Moisturise day and night and invest in a good moisturiser that has all the right ingredients that you look for to better the problems in your skin. I have yet still to find my holy grail moisturiser if you find one then please let me know.

Sincerely Sophs x

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