Day 10 – 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Throw out any old make up! When it comes to make up I am a bit of a hoarder, make up is not cheap, so it does get hard for me when it has past it’s recommended use by date and I’ve got to throw it away. Finally I decided I am going to have a good proper clean out, well tbh I’m not left with any choice, after spending a few days getting my room decorated, I got new furniture and I feel as though I need a good clean fresh start in my new room. This means throwing out anything I know I will never use, things I’ve had lying around for years and not touched even throw away those old mascara bottles that I can never come to terms to throw away, although they are all practically finishied.

It is not good to keep old make up lying around, just like when you were to eat out of date bread or drink out of date milk your insides will feel funny for a few days, so when you apply old make up to your skin, you probably will end up irritating your skin. 

Don’t be a hoarder like me! Throw the old stuff away and ways to save money is invest in something you know you will use. Try not to buy so many different types of the same product because it is very likely you will only like one. I should maybe listen to my own advice.
Sincerely Sophs x

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