Day 13 – 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Although I have very oily skin, during the winter period my skin tends to get really dry, mainly around my forehead and at the bottom part of my cheeks.
I do moisturise a lot, but sometimes our skin needs that extra boost of moisture and this is why I would highly recommend a sheet mask.

I love the Korean sheet masks which you can now get from Boots. Korean sheet masks are so popular in general as they hold a lot of ingredients and they are so affordable.
This one that I recently used is formulated to keep your skin looking brighter, radiant and full of moisture. I am not even kidding you my skin felt amazing, it was definitely glowing, my skin was just so full of moisture, it looked and felt so much more healthier.

I left the sheet mask on for 15-20 minutes and after I took the sheet off, I left the serum on my  skin overnight and then I washed it off the next morning.

Take some time out and look after your skin. If your skin is feeling tight then give it a bit of moisture it will look a lot more youthful and if you wear make up then it will sit very well on your skin.

Sincerely Sophs x

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