Day 15 – 30 Day Skincare Challenge

The area around our eyes has the thinest layer of skin so why wouldn’t you want to look after it. If you don’t get enough sleep, dark circles start to appear, if you cry to much your eyes puff up and when you poke your eye with your mascara wand it hurts like a bi**h!

I on the other hand don’t have dark circles around my eye, nor do my eyes puff up when I cry but I have that one little crease under both my eyes so I like to keep my under eye area so heavily moisturised, just so my make up doesn’t crease or go patchy.

I haven’t ventured out to something in particular because there isn’t really the perfect eye cream or maybe I just haven’t come across an amazing one. Whenever I have used an under eye cream it didn’t really do anything for me.
I am currently using the Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment by Kiehl’s. I had a tub of this then it finished so I have a dozen sample pouches that I always get given whenever I go to Kiehl’s, so I’m going to finish these off before I buy a new one. This cream keeps my eyes hydrated and plump so they look more awake and refreshed when I use this. Just a little routine that I have stuck to and when I don’t use it I feel like I am missing something.

Sincerely Sophs x


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