Day 29 – 30 Day Skincare Challenge

Everyone says your skin heels when you’re snoozing, so make sure you get a good nights rest for the next few weeks. Schedule your days try and not waste any time, once you get home from work prepare everything the night before so you don’t need to rush yourself in the morning.

Some nights I use a high concentrate toner which contains acids or sometimes I use an intense face mask so on the nights I don’t try any of these products which would be every other day then I would use an overnight oil to allow my face to heel. Its important to get your 8hr sleep because not only does your skin heel but it gives your body the rest it needs so that you have a productive day ahead of your. You have better mind set when you have a good sleep and you feel more motivated as well.

Overall getting a good nights sleep will benefit you in so many ways.

Sincerely Sophs x

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