Day 30 – Skincare Challenge

I was initially going to end my skincare challenge by saying go treat yourself to a full on good facial but you know what by the time you have finished with this skincare challenge you won’t have to go and get a facial.

I thought I’de mention a lip scrub. So I don’t really have any problems with my lips, they don’t get dry or flaky, mainly because I use a lip cream and that tends to soak into my lips leaving them fully hydrated.

Now and then I like to use a lip scrub from Lush which apparently you can lick off your lips but erm I don’t think after I’ve just exfoliated my lips it’s going to make me want to lick the dead skin off. I got another one recently by Mac Cosmetics the Lip Scrubtious in Sweet Brown Sugar. This tastes so good, the other ones Mac does are more fruity and there is a Vanilla one but I feel as though for me they would be too sickly.

I tried this lip scrub not long ago before writing this post and my lips feel so soft and plump. I took a generous amount and rubbed it around my lips and rinsed it off and they feel so soft. Sometimes with lip scrubs they get rough for your skin and end up leaving them even more dry however this was very comfy and not harsh at all on the lips. Love the taste!

Sincerely Sophs x

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