Dinner at Dakota Glasgow

I love going to different places for dinner. Glasgow does have a lot of restaurants to offer but majority of the time the meat is not halal or only the chicken is halal and it honestly does get depressing eating chicken all the time.

I don’t ever order fish when I go out unless it is to a fish & chip shop of course but recently I went to Dakota Deluxe in Glasgow and ventured out and ordered a fish dish.

I enjoyed the the appetiser at the beginning which fresh bread and a tomato sauce with goats cheese. For starters me and my friend shared the French Onion Soup which was really tasty, very different. For mains I got the Monkfish Curry, it was my first time trying monkfish and it is more chewy than other fishes that I am used to. Overall it was really tasty.

If you’re thinking of trying the restaurant out at Dakota then just make sure you are in the mood for seafood or there is steaks as welll but they are not halal.

The mocktails are so good! It’s hard to find a decent place in Glasgow that know how to make mocktails properly, the one I went for was the Passion Fruit Mojito m, which was so good.

Sincerely Sophs x

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