I try my best to be as healthy as I can not because I have to and definitely not for anyone else, this is just something that is part of me and my lifestyle which I enjoy.
Everyone thinks going to the gym is enough, but it is not! It is one step forward and you are a third of the way there but what you eat has a big influence on maintaining this lifestyle and keeping consistent.
For around 3 and half years I’ve been up and down with the whole ‘gym life’ or ‘healthy eating’ situation and I have learned so much.
Don’t force yourself to do something, you honestly have to want to do it. Make sure you PREPARE yourself, you can’t wake up one day and cut out bad food, train in the gym like a boss and have a sip of green juice everyday because I’ve tried this and I gave up after 4 days.

If you started the gym this year then well done, if you have cut out in sugars and fizzy drinks, that is amazing because you’re taking that step forward. For me I started with only  drinking water and smoothies, I have not had a sip of a fizzy drink in years. Then I started going to the gym (slowly). The more I started going to the gym the more I felt good, the more I got things done and my body was changing which I loved. The first gym I joined I never liked it, it was dirty, crowded, didn’t have enough machines, I still went but then I got sick of the place because I wanted to just go and get a workout done and leave. Now I’ve joined an amazing gym and I honestly don’t mind paying that bit extra because I love spending my time there.
I have also invested in the basic equipments, weights and a yoga matt for my house, so the days I don’t go to the gym I will do something at home while watching my favourite programme… (please recommend me something new to watch).

I then started to incorporate at least a healthy meal a day which was a big step for me because I love food so much especially anything that is bad for you.
I snack A LOT!!!!!!! So what I do now is replace all the bad stuff like sweets, biscuits and chocolates with the good stuff such as fruit, nuts, dried fruit crisps, smoothies etc.

Then the hard stuff starts to kick in! Prepping your meals, I still find this difficult to this day. Have 2 days out of your full week to prep your meals. Mines is a Sunday and Thursday, and make a variety of different types of meals and you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money, you can easily use whatever you have at home but instead of frying something, bake or grill it and take your time because at the end of the day you want whatever you eat to taste good.

When dieting they say a women should have 1,200 kcal and males 1800 kcal a day. This is a load of rubbish because every single person has different energy demands and metabolic rates. For example I have such a high metabolism so when it comes to meals I have around 6 small meals a day and space them out every 2-3 hours, this will slow down my metabolic rate and my body can get the full energy that it needs & help me with my portion size intake.

I don’t eat healthy every single day, trust me I still pig out but I make up for it and do a bit of HIIT (High-Interval Intensity Training).

Most importantly whatever you do, it doesn’t even have to be related to eating healthy or going to the gym, just general speaking if you have ambitions, it won’t work if you’re trying to do it to prove to someone, that will only last for a certain amount of time.
Do it because you want to do it, have someone there to motivate you, always think positive, if it doesn’t work out one way, then there is always another way to make it better. I’m just feeling a bit fancy but I hope this helped with anyone wanting to know where to start off. I will be posting more on what I do, but do check out my workout plan, which I posted a few months ago.

If you want help with anything else or have any questions then leave a message on my Contact Log.

Sincerely Sophs x


  1. Thank you so much for you reply. I just wanted to know which protein products I should purchase and what type of food should I start eating before I go gym


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