Fitness Diary – What I Eat

My most asked question is what do I eat? Before or after the gym, what do I snack on, so here it is.
I recently stocked up on a few bits and bobs, so I thought I’de get a post up for you, I do make most of my meals and snacks from scratch but these are just a few things that help me out a long the way.

Pre Workout & Whey Protein
I’ve only ever tried the pre workout by MY Protein and it works for me every time before I go gym and also the energy comes from natural ingredients. I’ve always had the Summerfruit mix but this time I thought I’de try something different so I bought the Apple & Pear flavour and it’s quite minging and it stinks, so just stick with the summer fruits. Have this 30-40mins before you go to the gym and trust me you will have such a productive work out.
I use protein powder with near enough everything, cakes, pancakes, smoothies, breakfast bowls etc. I try have a protein shake after a workout but honestly it’s so hard, it makes me feel heavy and bloated. I’m trying to work on that though – maybe I should make half a protein shake…

Superfoods – Powders
Amazing ingredients to add to smoothies or juices.
The Green Boost powder is a blend of the concentrated nutrients you get from your greens, which is crucial to have when you are dieting, lifting, in fact in general it’s important you have your greens with near enough every meal. I’m slowly starting to get used to having my greens, before it was a nightmare, I would always leave them on the side of my plate. Greens help convert the food you eat in to energy, as it breaks it down into smaller molecules etc. I can literally talking about the digestive system for days as I loved biology.
Beetroot Powder is pretty much tasteless, again it is great to add into smoothies, cakes, juices etc. Beetroot powder has a great source of Vitamin B, C also minerals such as Iron, magnesium, copper, manganese. A lot of people take beetroot powder as it helps with hunger, it makes you feel more fuller (something to do with the water retention in your body – from what I learned in school).
Cacao Powder, pretty much the purest of chocolate you can get. You can honestly add this to anything, cakes, pancakes, smoothies, hot chocolate. Cacao powder is fully packed with antioxidants, magnesium and iron which is so great for your immune.

My favourite thing to eat for breakfast is this Chocolate & Nut Granola from Morrisons. It’s full of oats, hazelnuts, white, milk & dark chocolate pieces. Best with Unsweetened Almond Milk. By far the best granola I’ve had yet – because of the chocolate!

Healthy Snacks
The minty chocolate halos by Sweet Virtues are the best thing ever. There’s only 3 ingredients cacao (antioxidant), peppermint(digestion), coconut sugar (maintains sugar levels) and it’s free from gluten, nuts, and vegan friendly. I love chocolate a lot! These are perfect for me to keep in my handbag.

Energy Balls by Deliciously Ella has got to be my go to snack. My favourite one is the cacao and almond flavour. It has dates, almonds, cacao – ingredients which are all natural. A great healthy snack to eat without feeling guilty.

Also these Hike Protein Bars are really tasty  and you can get these from Aldi. I normally go to the gym in the morning and then I go to work straight after the gym. I find it hard to make sure I consume enough protein so this bar helps me out a long the way.

The Arla Protein yoghurt packets are the best thing to have when you’re feeling peckish but you still want to make a good choice and eat something useful. The pots are too thick, I am honestly not a fan of those but these packets that you can have on the go are honestly so convenient and the consistency is much better. The mango flavoured one is my favourite. Also great source of protein 🙂

These are a few things that I picked up recently. I will post a few more of these, but if you know any brands that do really great healthy foods then drop me an email on my contact page or even leave me a comment. I love trying different things.

Sincerely Sophs x

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