Energising Body Oil – MOA ‘Hello Sunshine’ 

If you kept up with my 30 Day Skincare Challenge then you would know how much time I take out to look after my skin. I’m not only talking about my face but my whole body. It’s so important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells and then rejuvenate it with a moisturiser or body oil.
I received a little goody bag from MOA – Magic Organic Apothecary a few weeks ago. Again if you don’t already know, I was going on about their Green Balm for weeks as it is such a versatile product.

Anyways the goody bag consisted of their new range ‘Hello Sunshine’. Included was a body oil which is what this post is based on.

Again as you know I love keeping my body moisturised, especially when I was on holiday, I would always lather myself with oils & moisturisers so the heat didn’t dry it out and also so my skin looked youthful and glowy. So I’ve been using their Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil non stop for the past few weeks.
This oil contains numerous different oils including sesame seed oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, lemongrass oil and pine oil. These oils are known to soothe aching skin which is perfect to massage into your skin after exercise.

I use the oil after the shower, especially once I’ve showered after doing a workout. When you workout your skin stretches a lot and in some cases your skin can feel itchy. Applying this oil keeps my skin soft throughout the day. Even if you are wearing a dress or short sleeved tops, you can apply this on your skin as it won’t tranfer and leave stains unlike so other ones.
With this oil it does take time to absorb into the skin, so I’ve learned to apply this as the first thing I do once I’ve dries myself up after a shower.

You’ll smell great and look all glowy! The fact that the ingredients are all organic is a complete bonus. You aren’t harming your skin, everything is natural so you don’t need to worry about chemicals being involved.

Sincerely Sophs x

One thought on “Energising Body Oil – MOA ‘Hello Sunshine’ 

  1. This body oil looks amazing! Something I definitely want to get my hands on for the summer!
    Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by my space sometime,
    femmerewritten.com 🌻✨


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