Let’s Talk About My Hair


I get messages every single day about my hair, my colour, style and how I maintain it.
Today I’m going to answer all your questions.
Firstly, my hair colour!
I got a balyage done, I asked for all ashy tones, NOT CARAMEL/GOLDS. A balyage is basically different tones of the same colour getting blended on different levels working from the ends of your hair up.
There isn’t a particular colour it was dyed, I simply got it bleached for around 1hr 15 mins. The first parts got back combed and then bleached, which was the middle section  so there were less strands of hair, which allowed the the lady to dye it more higher, also these parts were going to be the lightest shade. Once the middle section was all complete she then moved on to the bigger chunks they were mostly dyed in the lower section of the hair. The reason why it wasn’t done at the same time was to give it different tones.
After it got bleached it was very yellow, so a toner got put through it. This took all the brass tones out of my hair. It came out exactly the way I wanted it.
Around 3-4 months later I wanted to go more ashy so I put a grey hair dye through my hair, this not only made it a lot more ashy but it made it a lot lighter which I loved.

I always use a purple toning shampoo every second wash to maintain it and I leave it in my hair for around 10-15mins. I’ll include 2 of my most favourite ones. I feel like with anyone who has naturally dark hair and wants to maintain having ashy tones will have to use a purple shampoo.  I honestly start to freak out when I see a brassy tone coming from my hair.
Toning shampoos do dry out your hair, so try and oil your hair every now and then. I use my trustee Argan oil after every wash just pea sized amount on the ends. Then once a week I try and use a mixture of my favourite oils, which is a mix of Almond Oil (sweet), Argan Oil, Castor Oil & Mustard Oil. They all have there own benefits, Almond and Castor Oil strengthens your hair and helps it grow faster. Argan Oil helps brighten the hair, it gives it silkiness and shine. Then Mustard Oil helps the hairs thickness and prevents it going brittle.

If you have any more questions, you can always drop me a little message.

Sincerely Sophs x

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