Starskin Sculpting Lace Mask


A while back I tried a face mask by a company called Starskin and it was their Sculpting Lace Face Mask which is overall supposed to improve the firmness in your skin.

Starting off with the application of the face mask. Compared to other face masks, I love the way you can apply it to your face. There’s parts where you can clip it over your ears, which prevents the face mask from sliding off your face, it hugs the face really well.
This mask is loaded with 45ml of serum. This serum has Korean Red Pine which helps improve your skin contour and also helps with the overall texture in your skin. Golden Chamomile extra which helps reduce puffiness in your skin, which is great to use on your skin for a pick me up if it’s been feeling very irritated. It has coffee seed sculpts your skin, it improves the firmness and tightens your skin. The final main ingredient is Tremella Mushroom this is such an amazing ingredient as this is what I felt like made a huge difference in my skin. This ingredient hydrates, firms and plumps the skin giving it an overall healthy glow.

I think this face mask is great and affordable. As you can tell from the pictures above how amazing my skin looks after it. I went to sleep leaving the serum on my face and honestly the next day it felt so plumped and soft and my make up sat so nicely on my face. You have to try this mask for sure. Just look at the last picture and check how much my skin is glowing!!!!

Sincerely Sophs x

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