Pat McGrath Labs Lust: MatteTrance Skinshow Trio

I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a lipstick until now. Check out the insane packaging! I love how Pat McGrath’s packaging is always full of sequin’s, literally the best thing as it’s wedding season, haha. I was a bit sceptical about buying these lipsticks as they are quite expensive but then I thought why not they’re limited edition and Pat McGrath is known to have the most best quality products. These are the Pat McGrath Labs Lust Matte Trance Skin Show Trio Lipsticksthe most perfect nude trio.

You have your lightest shade ‘Omi’ a mid tone rose, this is the one I have been wearing nearly every single day since I first tried it, the second shade ‘1995’ is a classic 90’s colour, a warm light nude. The last shade ‘Flesh 3’ a brown rose tone, this is the type of colour I would wear when I want to go for something different but still stay in the nude category. What I love about these nudes is that they have been created to suit every skin tone, so even if you are very fair in complexion these will look stunning on you, the same goes with anyone with a darker complexion, these lipsticks have been created to suit everyone!

With just one swipe these lipsticks give the best colour pay off, providing you with the best hydration from any matte lipstick I’ve come across but still staying true to giving a proper flat matte appearance. So very lightweight, you honestly cannot feel it on the lips because it is so pigmented you don’t need to use so much product.

I can honestly go on and on about these lipsticks and if Pat McGrath ever came out with a new range I would definitely purchase it.

Sincerely Sophs x

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