A Day of Beauty, Dinner & Dessert

I had a lovely day yesterday at the Capital, Edinburgh followed by some yummy dinner back in Glasgow.
My sister wanted to check out the latest beauty brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna at Harvey Nichols, which was probably the only make up counter that was swarmed by so many customers. Literally struggled to get a swatch of everything, and although I previously said, I was going to purchase more stuff from the brand, I decided not to even though I desperately wanted to. Rihanna is for sure going to be releasing some more products and I’ve decided to wait for when that gets launched. On the other hand my sister got the foundation and she is a shade darker than me so she got 280 and also picked up a Match Stix to contour with.

Since we were in Harvey Nichols, we decided to go to the Chocolate Lounge, which was my sisters and cousins first time. I indulged into the Chocolate Brownie Sandwich, which speaks for itself, it was vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 chunky slices of brownies , my sister got the Chocolate All Over, which was a pool of Chocolate Sauce with Chocolate Ice Cream and chunks of chocolate brownies, it looked so good! One of my cousins got the Banoffee Sundae which I’m going to give a try the next time I go and my other cousin got Strawberries and Chocolate, which is a classic and you can never go wrong with that.
What I love about the Chocolate Lounge, they make the desserts in front of you and for some odd reason I find this so theraputic, just watching the chocolate sauce getting poured into glasses or watching the lady dip the strawberries into chocolate and then sprinkling some coconut flakes all over it. It’s like heaven for me.

After a lovely catch up with my cousins in Edinburgh, we headed back to Glasgow and went for some dinner to Tuk Tuks which is an Indian Tapas with some of my friends. I can’t remember what I ordered apart from the Chicken Lollipops and the Masala Chips, I remember the main dish was a sort of Lamb curry and we had garlic naan bread.
The food was very delicious howeverI think I prefer Chakkoo Bombay more which is also an Indian Tapas in Glasgow.

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Sincerely Sophs x

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