The Training Programme

For a very long time now I have been receiving a number of emails/private messages on my social media accounts, about my routine at the gym and I recently asked my followers on my Instagram Story, what they would like my next blog post to be, every single reply was requesting for my routine. I love sharing what I do because I remember for a long time I had no clue what to do, I would step foot in the gym not knowing how to approach a machine or what the right way was to lift a dumbbell. To top it all off I hardly ever noticed girls using weights at the gym, it was as if the weights area had a big sign saying ‘Girls Keep Out, Boys Only Zone’ –  not that it did but any time I lifted a weight it was like everything stopped, including the dance music in the background, everyones heads woud turn to stare and glare at you as if to say ‘what do you think you’re playing at?’

My routine changes a lot, in fact it changes every few weeks! I try and implement different types of challenges every few months, sometimes it’s to do with weights only or at other times it has a lot more cardio included.. This is to make sure I’m doing enough exericises to target every muscle in my body and I switch about the weights, some days I do lightweights with more reps and other days I could do less reps but much heavier weights. I hardly ever incorporate cardio in my routine, but this is something that I have been working on a lot over the months. I rarely ever have a rest day from the gym, there is nothing wrong with that though, but it’s important to give your body some rest to prevent it from getting stressed out in the future. My ‘rest days’ would be a day of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), this is quite a rapid workout, you notice you will start to sweat more. This is a great workout, for anyone who wants to lose weight, it is perfect for rest days because it still gets your body energised and its’s only for around 15-20 minutes long, which can easily be done in the comfort of your own home (If you want to eat something bad then go ahead just whip out with a bit of HIIT after your food and burn those cals). When it comes to food, I don’t stop myself from eating things I enjoy, there’s a thing called portion size guys you should really try it. Limit yourself to the amount of good stuff you can eat, watching what you eat is probably already a huge stress, so enjoy what you eat. What I do to maintain myself is to walk if off after or a do a little HIIT before the end of the night just so I can keep a balance with everything. I prefer to eat clean majority of the time, it’s just something my body has drawn towards more since I have been working out more regularly. You’ll realise if you start to put a lot of effort into the gym but at the same time make it fun and don’t think it is something you have to do – you’ll start to feel good, you will have a good mind set, positive thinking, overall you will feel more motivated. I personally recommend going to the gym early in the morning to kick start your day.

I wouldn’t say I am an expert in the whole training and nutrional aspect of things but I have had a lot of experience within it. Part of a course I studied had to do with the way the body works, the breakdown of food, the way the body absorbs the nutrients, how your muscles work etc, so I have got a little insight. Also I’ve had a lot of help and advice from people who have this as their job, this has helped me a lot because everything ties in together and the nutrional side and training side has a lot of influence with each other.

Anyone who has appoached me and asked what would be the best way for them to lose weight, well I have never experienced a time where I’ve felt like I need to start losing weight, I’ve always been very petite, so I’ve struggled massively to gain weight, so I couldn’t comment on what will be the best thing. Everyones body works differently, so it’s at your own choice if you chose to do my workouts, you can have the same body shape as me but your body may work differently, your metabolism may be faster than mine or even when it comes to food, you may have a different diet. I do know different routines that people have tried and have achieved to lose weight, also just to let you know a few people who have tried my programme, have actually managed to lose weight in the areas where they feel more heavier and they’ve become more toned in other areas.

I came out with a training progamme recently and I cannot believe the amount of traffic I received on this. The feedback has also been so great and I want to leave a huge ‘Thank you’ to everyone that has been updating me regularly on it. I worked so hard on bringing out this Training Programme which was for free and I know anyone who comes out with a programme like this would charge for you to have it, the only thing I asked from everyone in return, was to get your feedback. For everyone that has given me their feedback, it honestly means so much to me!

I also had a comment made in regards to this programme, about why would I come out with this programme without having the knowledge on how everyones body work, that this is dangerous, and lots of more other things were said. I know myself everyones body works differently, based on their metabolic rates, their dietry, but also in another way everyones body does work the same as well, based on consumption, how muscles work etc.

Saying this there are so many individuals who have released books, workout DVD’s, meal guides and you can’t expect this one book or workout DVD to work for everyone. It may only work for a group of people or may infact work for everyone. There are a lot of people who want to be fit and healthy and they don’t have a clue where to start. Me bringing out this programme was mearly a guide on my routine, which could be a helping hand for you, if you need some motivation or you need some guidance. Which is also the reason why other individuals release their own programmes, books or DVD’s.

The Programme I released wasn’t something that I came out with in a day, it took me months putting this together, I got feedback from different trainers, individuals who have been doing this for a long time. I tried and changed this workout so many times making sure it still targeted the full body and I made sure to include different workouts which would work on different muscles on certain areas of the body. I came out with this programme to make sure it would work, which is the main thing, there is no point me releasing something which won’t benefit anyone, and as far as I can confirm it has worked for me and the feedback I have recieved from different people, have all been positive.The programme I have created is for you to tone up your body and bring some shape into it, you’ll gain more strength and balance which is important to have generally speaking. Within the first week one person managed to lose 2kg and they already feel like their muscles are getting firm. I’ve had other people saying they feel amazing, it’s made a difference in their confidence and their mind set. All this feedback has been amazing to hear and it honestly makes me so happy that I can do this little thing to have a change in someones life for the better.

For everyone that didn’t manage to get their hands on the programme, don’t worry at all. This programme I came out with, was a test to see if it would be popular, this is the reason why it was only a 2 week programme and the reason for it being free.

I am hoping to release a new programme (dates will be confirmed soon), which is going to cover a long period of time, there will be a meal plan and also recipes. I know how depressing it can be eating the same bland food when your training, but you don’t need to have boring food, you can still have really tasty food but just making it healthier. I’m hoping to get some other amazing things included into the programme and I cannot wait to be able to share this with you.

As this 2 week programme was so popular, there will be a Pre Order system put in place to purchase the new programme I am releasing. I understand the previous programme was for free, and this is because it was only 2 weeks and it just included the training side of it. This new programme will have a lot more included and more information on this will be confirmed nearer to the launch date.

I cannot wait to get you all on boared to try this out!

Any further questions, you can contact me through the contact page or even drop me a message through my social accounts.

Sc: SincerelySophs

Sincerely Sophs

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