Have You Tried ‘Clean Sleeping’ Yet?

You’re probably wondering, WTF am I talking about based on the title of this post, but have you tried it yet?
Before you decide you want to have a healthy lifestyle, which can include a good diet, healthy eating, being stress free, you need to start ‘Sleeping Clean’.

‘Clean Sleeping’ is a good quality to try and obtain, the list of benefits are unreal and it will honestly do you good. I’m going to go through the various different steps and then explain all the benefits which will be the best thing to kick start your healthy lifestyle as this is where it all starts from, your sleep.

Step 1 – Keeping your sleeping schedule consistent
My sleep is so precious to me but I can never over do it, if I over sleep I funnily enough become a bitch for the full day, I hate not having a productive day.
Try aim for 7-8 hours of sleep everyday and aim to go to sleep around the same time everyday and wake up at the same time everyday, including your weekends.  I’ve done a lot of research and by doing this you will start to notice you will have better sleeps, so no waking up through the nights and on the following day you will feel you have more of a happy productive day.

Step 2 – Unplug yourself from the outside world
At least 1hr before going to sleep cut out all technology. I personally love scrolling through my Instagram feed and admiring everyones stunning photos but shut yourself out. No TV, music, phones etc, block it all out. Try reading a book, praying, gather your thoughts, have a conversation with your partner or sibling and enjoy some time without the outside world. This in fact helps you have a really decent relaxed sleep, you’ll realise you’ll feel more at ease and you will simply feel good.

Step 3 – No late night snacking
This I struggle with. I always take food to bed with me, I just love eating when I’m all cosy in bed. But apparently after you’ve had your dinner which should be at least 3 hours before sleeping, that should be the last thing you eat and you need to then eat 12 hours later which would be in the morning. Say dinner is at 8pm then breakfast should be at 8am the following day. This has a huge play on your metabolism and snacking before bed is the worst as you’ll easily gain weight.

Step 4 – Massages + Meditation
Part of clean sleeping you should unwind more regularly, this helps having a positive outlook on life, being productive and all that good stuff. Take out some time from your evening, even if it’s that 1hr window before going to sleep where you will be cutting off technology. Do some yoga or stretches before your sleep. Have a hot bath with some oils to comfort and soften the skin. Even get someone to give you a massage. I personally don’t think I would be able to lure someone in my family to give me a massage, so hot baths and yoga it is for me…

Step 5 – Organise yourself for the next day
One thing I need to fix is rushing the next morning. Wake up everyday to a good morning, and don’t rush yourself. The night before just make sure everything is ready for you the next day. The worst feeling is being rushed off your feet and not having a minute to yourself. This can end up ruining your full day and even having a stressed sleep the following night. Get organised! I should probably get up and get my work clothes ironed for tomorrow!

Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s in it for you, by doing all this. After testing this out, it actually works. These things I’ve mentioned are very simple things which can easily be done, it’s nothing you need to go out your way to do. I first thought this seems like another stress, having that thought in my head, I need to go to bed at this time, I can’t eat after this etc. Don’t think into it too much because it’s really nothing, it’s actually to make your life much easier.
A lot of professionals recommend prioritising your sleep as it determines your energy levels, it heals your body, the psychology aspect of it plays a huge part in your lifestyle. Poor quality sleep will show negatively through your metabolism and weight.

My idea is, go to bed for around 10pm, set your alarm for 7am the next day and put all technology away. My 1hr window consists of me writing notes for blogposts, currently I’m working on my  new Training Programme so overnight I will jot down a few things on that, then I try and pray or relax and gather my thoughts.
Aim to sleep for 11pm and wake up at 7am the next morning. I don’t start work till 10am, so I like to make sure I have my breakfast first thing then I would shower and get ready. Don’t spend too much time getting ready in the morning though as this will just waste time over something unnecessary, unless you’re dolling up for something important. I have an hour free in the morning, I try and tidy up or sometimes I would go to the gym, or even prepare a few things for the evening or next day.

I have started to notice my days go by a lot more productive, I eat regularly and I feel good and I’m not tired or anything. I feel as though having a consistent sleeping pattern gives my life more or a balance. I eat at the correct times and it gives me a lot of time, to get things done.

As you are aware that I am coming out with a new Training Programme. Before I bring out the programme I will be posting around that a lot. Including this post. You need to have a healthy sleeping pattern before you decide you want to start eating healthy or going to the gym etc. As you need sleep to heal you after the gym, you need a balanced sleep to balance your metabolism.

If you try this out, let me know how it goes, I’de love to know 🙂

Sincerely Sophs x



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