Color Riche by Balmain Paris – L’Oreal

As soon as I found out Balmain was collaborating with L’Oreal Paris that instantly made me so happy. The advertisment was insane with all the amazing models who featured init with the likes of Neelam Gill, Alexina Graham, Soo Joo Park…

First lets start off with the stunning packaging of the lipstoicks, exclusively deisgned by Oliver Roudeing. There are 3 different disigns, the black and gold marble effect, royal blue and gold marble effect and Emerald Green and gold marble effect all with the Balmain name labelled on it. The bottles still have the classic shape of the L’Oreal lipsticks but the solour scheme has been suited to replicate Balmain.

There are a total of 12 edgy matte shades, various different colours to suit anyone, even if you want to step out your comfort zone you can go for the Khaki and Royal Blue lipstick or maybe play it safe and go for the warm nudes and brown shades.

These lipsticks are infused with pure pigment and also contains camellia oil which gives the lipsticks its moisturising matte finish.
These retail for £12.99 and you can pick them up from your local drugstore, Superdrug, Boots or even purchase them through Feel Unique or Harvey Nichols.
I picked up 3 lovely safe shades, although I did want to venture out and go for Royal Blue but I know myself I would never wear it out so I stuck to what I know.

Urban Safari, is a light sandy nude, Confession, which is a light coral pink shade and then Fever, my favourite one for fall which is a deep warm, burnt orange shade.

Have you seen the range? If so let me know which colours you picked up, I would love to know 🙂

Sincerely Sophs x

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