The Beauty Favourites: January Edition

One of my more regular posts when I first started blogging was my monthly beauty favourites, which back in the day was one of the most popular topics to talk about, however now I feel as though it’s not something anyone really talks about anymore.

I’ve decided to bring it back, because not only is it something I enjoyed discussing but it’s been highly requested by a lot of my readers, as it gives you an insight on not only my favourite but there’es always a little review for each product, just explaining the good things about it and also may tell you who it might not be recommended for.

I’m looking to switch the favourites around this time though. I will also be posting a Lifestyle Favourites post every few months, which will include favorutie:

    • Food/Snacks/Drinks
    • Restaurants
    • Music
    • Programme/Shows
    • Healthy Meal
    • Favourite Workout/Routine
    • Favourite Collaborations
    • Location

Also a Fashion Favourties Post every few months which will likely be a seasonal thing, and I’ll be discussing my favourite:

    • Clothing/Footwear Brand
    • OOTD & OOTN
    • Trends
    • Celebrity Trends
    • Bargains
    • Depop

Exfoliator by Hello Good Lookin
I’m all for looking after my skin, I religiously exfoliate and moisturise my whole body. The only type of exfoliator I love using on my body is a coffee based one. I’ve mentioned before how uch I love the Mr Bean Body coffee scrubs but I was recently sent one by a company called Hey Good Lookin, which is just as amazing. This one is a vanilla based coffee scrubs and it leaves my skin feeling so youthful and soft after I’ve used it. Just make sure you always moisturise after exfoliating your body to lock in the moisture in the new skin as you would have removed any dead skin cells.

Elixir by Saarah
If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see how I recently spoke about a skin oil that I’ve been using by a brand called Elixir By Saarah. I’ve been using this one as well by the same brand which is a Rose Super Seed Oil, which has left my skin feeling velvety and nourished every morning. I apply 2-3 every night after I’ve cleansed my face.

Brightening Clay Mask by L’Oriel
I love love pampering my skin and when I recently found out L’Oreal had brought out two new masks in their face mask range I was excited. They brought out a brightening and a pore cleansing one. I went for the brightening one as I felt as though I needed a bit of a glow from all this horrible weather we’ve had in Scotland. I wouldn’t say my skin is really glowing though or if it feels brighter, however it does leave your skin feeling and looking a lot more plump and youthful. It’s packed with moisturising properties so it’s probably this, that’s making my skin feel so refreshed. I honestly am so in love with L’Oreals full range of face masks and feel as though they have done so well with these.

Clay Hair Mask by Devines
Over the years I’ve never really cared too much about my hair. However recently I was going through a lot of stress and my hair started to fall out a lot. Now you probably can’t tell as I have a lot of hair but I could honestly tell the difference and it made me think.. What if I was to end up loosing all my hair? So I’ve been looking after my hair a lot by using different treatmeats, such as oil mask, conditioning masks, clay masks, a lot of home remedies and I’ve been taking supplements. I’ve noticed a hude difference and my hair has started to feel a lot more stronger and healthier.

My favourite hair treatment are these two by Devines called The Quick Fix Circle which is full with red clay mask to draw out impurities and also hyaluronic acid to boost moisture. The second one which is called The Purity Circle is mainly for the scalp and it brings back moisture and conditions the hair.

Glitter Eye Shadow by Stila Cosmetics
I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these liquid glitter eyeshadows. It’s like having jewels on your eyes. If you ever feel as though you need to jazz up your make-up a little then this will be your best friend. I got the shade Kitten Karma which is a champagne colour with sparkling silver flecks.

Black Eye Pencil by Kiko Cosmetics
 My sister got me this eye liner from Kiko and I couldn’t believe how cheap it was because the quality of this eye liner is a dream. It’s not overly creamy nor is it too solid to apply, it glides on like a dream. This eye liner is smudge proof, so it will last you for your full day.

Sincerely Sophs x


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