The Beauty Favourites: February Edition

There is always something new launching every oher week in the beauty industry, which brings me so much excitement as I love trying out new products. However the more I start using these new products, I start to forget about the older goods.

So this past month I’ve been trying to have a clear out and start using my old stuff and I’ve fallen in love with a few things, but me being me couldn’t resist trying a few latest products so I will be including some of them that I already love in my favourites.

So to kick start my beauty favourites I want to talk about my most favourite item and probably the most raved about product atm in the beauty industry, which is an affordable concealer by Make-Up Revolution and it is a complete duplicate to the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. The concealer is highly pigmented, light weight and it applies like a dream. You can pick it up from any Superdrug in the UK and also purchase it online, but it is so hard to get your hands on them because they are always sold out. I’m in the shade C8 which is perfect for me as a I don’t really need to conceal under my eyes but I love to brighen up that area.

I want to talk about some old favourites now and I honestly can’t even understand why I stopped using them. The first one being the Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter. I remember everyone raved about this for years, in fact well before highlighting even became a trend. Then once highlighting started trending every Cosmetics Brand started to bring these amazing highlighters and then I just ended up forgetting about this amazing one by Mac. I have got to say, as I’ve started to gain a bit more experience with appying make-up etc, the minute I used Soft & Gentle again I fell in love with the amazing glow. If any of you still have it, then whip it out and use it again, trust me you’ll fall back in love with it.

I’ve also fallen back in love with the Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette, which is the Rose Gold Edition. I think it is perfect for this time of year because it has very cool tones and looks so effortless when you use the shades. I also love how the quality of Urban Decay’s eye shadows are so amazing, the pigment and the colour pay off it so stunning.

Another favourite is a luminous cream by Mac which is their peach Strobe Cream. I would always use this whenever I went on holiday or whenever I felt like I wanted more of a glow, as I would apply it with a more minimal make-up look. Recently I have been having my make-up more minimal and this cream makes my face look a lot more luminous and glowy.

I can never go a day without filling my brows as I have very fine hair and I look bald without it. But it can be a pain in the arse having to fill them in all the time. However I have been using this gel tint on my brows which leaves a tint around my eyebrow shape and lasts for at least a week. I normally use a Korean Brand eyebrow tint but recently I’ve been trying one by Maybelline which is even better. I feel as though with this eyebrow tint you can work with it more as the consistency is more watery, rather than the Korean one as that one is more tacky.

One last product I want to talk about is Bio Oil. I always go through an on and off faze with Bio Oil. I feel like I go through a point where I need it so badly and once my skin gets to a point where I don’t need it anymore I stop using it, then I go back to square one, where I need it again. I get these little bumps on my arms and thighs, it’s not spots or it’s not irritated skin, it’s just the texture of it. I started exfoliating a lot more and using body wash with salicylic acid in it and then I start using Bio Oil after I’ve exfoliated. Bio Oil just makes it feel a lot more better, it hydrates and evens out my skin tone.

Sincerely Sophs x

One thought on “The Beauty Favourites: February Edition

  1. The MAC highlighter and the UD Naked 3 palette, it feels like everyone was raving about them like a century ago– I never had the chance to try them but they’re definitely top of my wishlist lol


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