Make Up Revolution Foundation Stick F9 & F10 Review

Can we take a moment to appreicate all the latest make-up releases Make-Up Revolution has been launching over these past few months and apparently there is more to come. Earlier this year they released a concealer which only costs £4. This concealer is very similar to the Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape concealer, which if you don’t already know then it is epic. Make-Up Revolution have a wide range of different shades to suit any skin colour from light – to dark and the quality of this concealer is brilliant, especially for the price.

They’ve had more releases which have included their foil eyeshadow, highlighter palette and also they will be coming out with their very own ‘PRO’ make-up line. I hope you’re sharing the same level of excitement than me now.

Today I want to talk about the latest foundation stick Make-Up Revolution launched. It is a huge bargain as it’s only £5!! They have a wide range of colours to suit different skin tones, however I feel like they don’t quite accommodate for my own skin colour range. They have 18 shades, going from light skin tones to dark skin tones. There are a variety of different shades to accommodate individuals with a lighter complexion, from peachy to olive tones and also the same for daker coloured complexion. There just seems to be something missing for the those of us who have a more medium coloured skin tone. What I have done is decided to get 2, one being sightly darker and one being light so that I can blend it to match my correct skin tone.

Besides the colour match situation, the foundation itself is really good. The texture is very mousse like although it comes in a stick form and the finish is dewy and also the coverage is medium to full. Also don’t do what I did when I first tried it. I just drew all over my face and when I was blending it all in I realised I didn’t actually need so much. A little amount of this foundation goes a long way because the coverage is so intense and it blends so evenly on the skin. Just make sure you mosturise well before hand.

Do you need this foundation? Well firstly for the price and for something that you can use everyday is quite good. Highly recommended this bad boy!!

Sincerely Sophs x

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