6 Week WEIGHT LOSS Programme

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How It All Began…
It all started off from my Instagram followers, where I always got asked and still do get asked what my routine is at the gym. Then I went on to putting on my Instagram Story, if anyone wanted to know my routine, to pop me through an email and I would be happy to send them my programme which I shortly after put together.
After receiving hundreds and hundreds of requests I decided to launch my own Training Programme which was called the 8 Week Shape & Tone Fitness Programme Mid December 2017. That release went fantastic, and it was only available for a limited time.
Then I noticed a lot of messages from individuals on what is the most effective way they can lose weight. Now as you all may know I am very slim, so losing weight has never been something I’ve done before. So in January this year I started doing a lot of research, and I out a few routines together and put it to the test on a variety of different people. I’ve made a number of changes and took out some irrelevant advice and added some other information by doing more and more research.
Now I am glad to announce I will be releasing the 6 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME! So if you’re about to get married or your birthday is coming up and you want to look so damn good, or you want to show off some skin on holiday then when I say trust me, I mean trust me this programme is spot on to get you on the right path on losing some major pounds. However not only will you be losing the weight, you’ll be toning up your shape in the same time, so you’re body starts to look more tight and perkier.

So it’s time to say goodbye, to back fat, flabby arms and those flabby thighs, even your jelly belly and love handles. This programme has been put together to make you feel more confident and to look even better.

What Is Included
This programme includes a 6 Week Fitness guide on what exact routines to do on each day and what your rest days will be. There is also a major section on your diet as this is the big factor on losing weight. There is information on how many calories to have on each day and also the best ways to manage your daily calorie intake so it fits evenly into each meal you have. The programme will be sent as a PDF file to the email address you use when the purchase is made.

The BIG Launch
The 6 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME will be £24.99 and available to Pre-Order on Monday 21st of May until Friday 1st of June, . For all orders that are made within the Pre-Order period will receive the training programme on the Friday 1st of June. The training programme will then go back on general sale on Monday 11th of June along with the 8 WEEK SHAPE & TONE PROGRAMME and it will be sent 2-3 working days from receiving the payment. If you would like more information on the SHAPE & TONE PROGRAMME check out this link.

I am so excited for my second fitness plan launch.
If you have any further questions, please do leave them in the contact box below!



Sincerely Sophs x


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